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Who appoints the head of Cabinet departments?
a) The Senate
b) The Attorney General
c) The President
d) The Secretary of the Interior

The Presidents closest advisors are in which part of the Executive Office of the President?
a) Office of Administration
b) National Security Council
c) Office of Policy Development
d) White House Office

Which is a reason why the federal government borrows money?
a) To pay for private projects
b) To protect the surplus
c) To pay for the cost of war
d) To decrease the tax revenue

Which is a source of nontax revenue?
a) Interest charges of the Federal Reserve System
b) Money collected on gifts over the amount of $12,000
c) Money collected at a flat rate instead of according to income
d) Levy on goods brought into the U.S. from other countries

What occurs when a government\'s income is not enough to cover the amount that it spends?
a) Surplus
b) Deficit
c) Budget crisis
d) Profit

Which tax is whithheld from employees paychecks?
a) Social Security tax
b) Estate tax
c) Customs tax
d) Firearms tax

Most of the federal bureacracy is found within which branch of government
a) Judicial
b) Regulatory
c) Legislative
d) Executive

Which of following creates independent agencies
a) Congress
b) Members of the Cabinet
c) Other federal agencies
d) The President

Which was one of the first executive departments that was created by the first Congress in 1789
a) Department of Education
b) Department of Agriculture
c) Department of Interior
d) Department of State

Which is an important criticism of the size of the public debt.
a) We are not borrowing enough to pay off the dept
b) The rate of federal borrowing is unconstitutional
c) More borrowing will destroy the budget surplus
d) A huge debt will have to be paid by future taxpayers

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