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A change in the size, shape, or state of matter that does not change into a new kind of matter.
a) physical change
b) change in status
c) density effect
d) chemical change

You leave an ice cube in a cup, it melts, that is a
a) physical change
b) Facebook status change
c) mass - weight change
d) chemical change

The ability to cause change
a) tasks
b) change in matter
c) melting
d) energy

The total energy of the particles of matter is called
a) thermal energy
b) changed energy
c) solid energy
d) mass energy

The flow of thermal energy from a warmer area to a cooler area is:
a) heat
b) speed
c) movement
d) particles

Temperature is
a) a measure of how hot or cold matter actually is.
b) air particles move farther apart
c) when liquids become solids
d) a scale of measure for mass

This change occurs when thermal energy is added to a turn a solid into a liquid
a) melting
b) freezing
c) boiling
d) condensation

A gas or vapor cools and becomes a liquid when this change occurs
a) condensation
b) freezing
c) boiling
d) melting

Boiling is
a) very rapid evaporation
b) removing thermal energy
c) juice becoming a popsicle
d) burning a candle

Making a mixture is
a) a physical change
b) when two or more substances are combined physically but keep their own properties
c) water and spaghetti noodles
d) all of the above

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