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J.D. Rockefeller
a) steel industry
b) more and better steel
c) The Oil King
d) someone who buys stock in a company

Andrew Carnegie
a) steel industry
b) The oil king
c) invented the luxury train
d) invented the telephone

The workplace was unsafe for all of the following but
a) loud noises
b) long hours
c) poor lighting
d) girls working with boys

The average immigrant apartment
a) had basic plumbing and electrical
b) was nicely furnished
c) barely fit to live in
d) had running water

An ethnic community is
a) a group of people with similar customs, languages, and religions
b) similar tastes in clothes
c) a group of people with similar taste in vehicles
d) a group of people who like each other

Most immigrants learned English by
a) they did not want to learn English
b) rewriting the dictionary
c) watching television
d) reading newspapers

Ellis Island was
a) The island were the sick immigrants were sent
b) The immigration station
c) A place were the immigrants lived
d) How the immigrants learned to read

Since business owners were rich they paid the workers a fair wage
a) True
b) False

The wealthy did not give their money to any cause
a) True
b) False

Exclusion is the act of keepng a person or group out
a) True
b) False

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