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Quality of being on time
a) honesty
b) initiative
c) integrity
d) punctuality

looking for new skills to learn on the job
a) constructive criticism
b) courtesy
c) initiative
d) integrity

working well with others
a) attitudes
b) constructive criticism
c) cooperation
d) integrity

showing good manners and concerned for other people
a) courtesy
b) honesty
c) initiative
d) integrity

a planned meeting between a job applicant and an employer
a) interview
b) priority
c) summarizing
d) training agreement

writing down the main ideas in a study notebook
a) summarizing
b) training agreement
c) training plan
d) training station report

a student's weekly or monthley job record
a) training station report
b) work permit
c) training agreement
d) priority

a document that makes it legal for a student under age to work
a) work permit
b) training station report
c) training plan
d) interview

putting important tasks to be done first on a person's list
a) priority
b) summarizing
c) training plan
d) work perfmit

a list of attitudes, skills and knowledge a student plans to learn during the work experience
a) training plan
b) interview
c) priority
d) summarizing

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