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Which of the following demonstrates good class participation
a) participate in class discussion only when and if you feel like it
b) complete assignments in an accurate and timely manner
c) pay close attention only with continuous supervision and directions
d) express emotions, especially when upset

Students can improve their reading skills by
a) setting aside more time for reading
b) gettin involved in a reading improvement program
c) reading more often
d) all of the above

Employers expect students in work-based learning programs to
a) increase their speek as they gain more experience
b) learn new skills on the job
c) have some basic knowledge and skills in the area of employment
d) all of the above

If employees are assigned tasks they would rather not do, they should
a) accept them but let everyone know they dislike doing them
b) complain to the supervisor
c) leave them for someone else to do
d) accept them pleasantly and perform them as well as they would any other tasks

Which of the following actions does not promote good study habits?
a) complete class assign ents every day
b) think about other things that need to be done
c) keep a separate notebook for each class
d) study in small segments of time

A dependable worker will most likely be
a) taken for granted
b) fired or given a cut in pay
c) reprimanded by the supervisor
d) given more responsibility, advancement, and pay raises

being told or shown a better way to do a task
a) absenteeism
b) attitudes
c) constructive criticism
d) cooperation

stresses the importance of regular attendance
a) absenteeism policy
b) honesty
c) attitudes
d) initiative

doing the assigned job and not wasting time
a) honesty
b) attitudes
c) cooperation
d) courtesy

a person's outlook on life
a) absenteeism policy
b) attitudes
c) constructive criticism
d) courtesy

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