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Sun, Moon And Earth.[print questions]

If the new moon occurs on June 5th, on what day will the next new moon occur?
a) June 21st
b) July 5th
c) July 15th
d) July 25th

How often do spring tides and neap tides each occur?
a) two times a month
b) two times a day
c) two times a year
d) four times a year

If it is spring in the southern hemisphere what season is it in the northern hemisphere
a) spring
b) summer
c) fall
d) winter

Which statement below best describes the length of time it takes for the Earth to revolve once around the sun?
a) about twenty eight and one half days, or one complete moon cycle
b) about ninety days, or one season consisting of three moon cycles
c) about one hundred and eighty days, or from one side of the sun to the other
d) about three hundred and sixty five days, or twelve moon cycles

Which of the following best describes why the Earth has four seasons?
a) The sun is closer to the Earth during summer and farther away during winter
b) the sun shines directly onto the equator all year long
c) the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth is the primary reason for the seasons
d) there is not a change in the seasons in Texas

What is the cause of tides?
a) winds
b) gravitational force
c) temperature changes
d) ocean storms

In order for a lunar or solar eclipse to occur what needs to happen?
a) the sun and Earth need to be near each other
b) the sun, moon, and Earth are in a straight line
c) the sun, moon, and Earth form a triangle
d) the sun and moon are really far apart

If you saw a full moon last night what moon would you see in a week/
a) first quarter
b) third quarter
c) waxing crescent
d) new moon

Which of the following correctly describes the movement of the Earth, moon, and sun
a) sun revolves around the moon, moon revolves around Earth
b) sun and moon revolve around Earth
c) moon revolves around sun, Earth revolves around moon
d) moon revolves around Earth, Earth revolves around sun

What is the movement of Earth around the sun called?
a) precipitation
b) random movement
c) revolution
d) rotation

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