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Anyone caught stealing from an employer or other workers can expect to
a) get away with it
b) be given a warning
c) be excused
d) be fired

A cooperative employee
a) gets along well with coworkers
b) avoids being enthusiastic about the job
c) does not need to follow directions carefully
d) all of the above

An amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act established
a) the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
b) the minimum wage
c) overtime pay of at least 2.5 times regular pay rate
d) All of the above.

An employer expects employees to
a) have a positive attitude
b) blame others for their mistakes
c) be late for work
d) none of the above

If a student does not have a social security number he or she should just
a) ignore any requirements to obtain one
b) apply for one at any social security office
c) obtain one through his or her school
d) borrow one from a friend

An employee shows initiative by
a) looking for new skills to learn on the job
b) looking for work that needs to be done and then doing it
c) standing around waiting to be told what to do
d) both A and B

Part of a student's success in an internship may depend on his or her desire to
a) earn money
b) study and learn new skills
c) drop out of school and get a job
d) get out of school to work

To get a social security card, a person must have
a) a work permit
b) proof of age, identity, US citizenship, or immigrant status
c) a job
d) a high school diploma

An employer expects employees to
a) have negative attitudes
b) use their skills and training to help the business operate and make a profit
c) schedule personal appointments during work hours
d) disregard the feelings of coworkers

When taking notes, a student should not
a) be brief
b) write the notes in his or her own workds
c) organize them by chapter or date
d) copy the entire paragraph from the book

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