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The longest day of the year for us (in the northern hemisphere) occurs on:
a) July 4
b) June 21
c) September 22
d) December 21

Seasons in the southern hemisphere are
a) much more severe (hotter in summer, colder in winter
b) much milder
c) exactly the same times and duration as our
d) opposite of those in the northern hemisphere

If the Earth's axis were straight up and down instead of tilted
a) Earth would be uninhabitable
b) the seasons would not change
c) there would be no night or day
d) Earth would be covered with ice

The movement of Earth around the Sun is called
a) rotation
b) equinox
c) photoperiod
d) revolution

The seasons Earth experiences results from
a) the Earth rotating on its axis
b) the Earth begin tilted on its axis
c) the sun moving near the Earth
d) the Earth moving near the Sun

Why is it summer in the Southern hemisphere when it is winter in the Northern hemisphere
a) the southern hemisphere is closet to the sun
b) the southern hemisphere receives the most direct rays from the sun
c) the southern hemisphere has a path of warm winds with the north
d) the southern hemisphere balances out the temperatures for Earth

What is the name of the longest day of the year?
a) summer solstice
b) vernal equinox
c) autumnal equinox
d) winter solstice

What statement an clearly explain the basic reason for the Earth's season:
a) As the sun moves away from the Earth the seasons will change
b) as the earth revolves around the sun, the seasons change
c) as the Earth revolves around the sun, the Earth's tilt will result in direct sunlight on both
d) none of these are true.

If the the Northern hemisphere is getting direct sunlight it is
a) winter
b) summer
c) spring
d) fall

If both the hemispheres are receiving direct sunlight it is
a) spring/summer
b) spring/fall
c) summer/winter
d) winter/spring

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