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Scientists believe that scientific knowledge and ideas should be based on
a) experiments that record accurate data.
b) long held beliefs.
c) years of experience.
d) a vote by educated people.

The hypothesis in a scientific investigation is
a) an educated guess about the outcome of the experiment.
b) always right.
c) the last part of the experiment.
d) a list of procedures.

In an experiment, there should be only one _________. Everything else should be a ________.
a) independent variable... controlled variable.
b) controlled variable... independent variable.
c) answer... lie.
d) trial... proven

When making a graph of your data, where should you place the dependent variable?
a) along the y-axis
b) along the x-axis
c) at the top of the page
d) in the center of the page

The conclusion in a scientific investigation is based on
a) observations and data.
b) the ideas of famous scientists.
c) theories from research.
d) what you thought would happen.

Cause is to effect as _____ is to _____.
a) independent... dependent
b) dependent... independent
c) controlled... responding
d) independent... controlled

Which is not a step in the scientific method?
a) skip what you don't understand
b) ask a question
c) form a hypothesis
d) draw a conclusion

The independent variable is also called the
a) manipulated variable
b) responding variable
c) controlled variable
d) categorical value

Which variable is affected by the independent variable?
a) responding variable
b) controlled variable
c) manipulated variable
d) categorical value

An experiment should only be done once, or you might come up with different and confusing results.
a) False
b) True
c) Maybe
d) I don't know!

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