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Which of the following is not a main category of uninsurable risk factors?
a) competitors' actions
b) changes in technology
c) economic circumstances
d) disturbances in the Force

This type of insurance covers a large number of employees and their family members under one policy.
a) umbrella insurance
b) roof insurance
c) group insurance
d) indemnity insurance

Which of these is a type of insurance businesses commonly purchase to protect its employees?
a) parametric insurance
b) liability insurance
c) alien abduction insurance
d) disability insurance

The party that agrees to take on certain economic risks and to pay for losses if they occur is the
a) insurer
b) unsure
c) insured
d) ensured

A company that finds another business to complete a risky activity is
a) pretty slick
b) transferring risk
c) avoiding risk
d) insuring risk

You decide to skip the camping trip to Crystal Lake when you hear about a crazed, hockey masked homicidal former camper with a machete. This is an example of
a) avoiding risk
b) insuring risk
c) transferring risk
d) assuming risk

A type of risk that cannot be reduced by your action is a( n)
a) pure risk
b) transferrable risk
c) uncontrollable risk
d) non-economic risk

a) patents
b) copyrights
c) trademarks
d) all of these

A risk that offers a chance to either gain or lose.
a) bespectacled risk
b) speculative risk
c) pure risk
d) controllable risk

Personal, liability and property risks are all examples of
a) uninsurable risk
b) insurable risk
c) economic risks
d) non-economic risks

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