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Genes are sequences of DNA, which are made up of
a) nucleotides
b) chromosomes
c) phosphates
d) ribosomes

What happens during replication?
a) DNA is copied.
b) RNA is copied.
c) Ribosomes are made.
d) Proteins are made.

which base is found only in RNA?
a) thymine
b) guanine
c) adenine
d) uracil

The main function of tRNA in protein synthesis is to
a) transfer amino acids to a ribosome
b) carry proteins to the ribosome
c) transcribe genes from DNA
d) connect nucleotides together

Proteins are made up of a sequence of
a) chromosomes
b) amino acids
c) nucleotides
d) base pairs

Mutations are changes in
a) DNA
b) the cell cycle
c) tRNA
d) proteins

Which is a known cause of genetic mutations?
a) poor nutrition
b) malaria
c) ultraviolet radiation
d) cancer

A pedigree shows
a) how proteins are synthesized
b) how genes are inherited in a family
c) where mutations are located in a sequence of DNA
d) which triplet of bases matches up with a particular amino acid

The main goalo of the Human Genome Project was to
a) find cures for genetic diseases
b) find all mutations in human DNA
c) count the number of genes in human DNA
d) sequence all DNA on human chromosomes

Genetic engineering involves
a) inserting changed DNA into an organism
b) cross-breeding plants
c) testing new medicines for genetic diseases
d) using x-rays to change DNA

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