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Most of the growth in your body occurs because your cells
a) grow larger
b) take in oxygen
c) make proteins
d) divide

The stage in a cell's life when it is not in the process of dividing is called
a) interphase
b) anaphase
c) prophase
d) metaphase

What material in the cell makes up chromosomes?
a) carbohydrates
b) chromatids
c) the nucleus
d) nucleic acids

What ratio increases when a cell divdies into two smaller cells?
a) volume to length
b) length to width
c) surface area to volume
d) width to surface area

The process of cytokinesis results in
a) two daughter cells that are different from one another.
b) two genetically identical daughter cells.
c) identical pairs of chromosomes.
d) identical pairs of chromatids

A cell's chromosomes must be duplicated before mitosis occurs so that
a) they can form chromatids
b) they can attach to the spindle
c) each daughter cell gets a full number of chromosomes
d) each daughter cell does not have to duplicate its own chromosomes

Binary fission differs from mitosis because the new cells
a) cannot function without the parent
b) grow from missing limbs
c) have half the normal number of chromosomes
d) live independently of the parent cell

If a starfish is cut in half, it can regrow its missing body through
a) binary fission
b) budding
c) healing
d) regeneration

Which is an example of reproduction?
a) binary fission in unicellular organisms
b) cell division in multicellular organisms
c) cell division around a broken bone
d) division of cytoplasm

Which sequence is correct for mitosis?
a) chromosomes form, chromosomes separate, chromosomes line up, nuclei form
b) chromosomes form, chromosomes line up, chromosomes separate, nuclei form
c) chromosomes line up, nuclei form, chromosomes separate, chromosomes form
d) chromosomes separate, chromosomes form, nuclei form, chromosomes line up

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