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Which of the following correctly converts 0.23 kilograms (kg) into grams (g)?
a) 0.0023g
b) 0.023g
c) 23g
d) 230g

Which of the following correctly converts 5 liters (L) to milliliters(mL)?
a) 50mL
b) 55mL
c) 500mL
d) 5000mL

An object has a mass of 515g and a volume of 5mL. What is the density of the object?
a) 100 g/mL
b) 103 g/mL
c) 2500 g/mL
d) 0.0013 g/mL

A graduated cylinder contains 60 mL of water. An object is dropped into the cylinder and the water rises to 80mL. The object has a mass of 320g. What is the density of the object?
a) 4 g/mL
b) 16 g/mL
c) 4.6 g/mL
d) 8 g/mL

Each side of a cube is 2 cm long. The cube has a mass of 1.6 grams. What is the density of the cube?
a) 0.2 g/cm3
b) 0.4 g/cm3
c) 5.0 g/cm3
d) 8.0 g/cm3

What is the volume of a book if it measures 25cm long, 10 cm wide, and 2 cm thick?
a) 37 g/cm3
b) 500 g/cm3
c) 74 g/cm3
d) 50 g/cm3

Put the steps of the scientific method in order: 1)Analysis data 2) Create a Hypothesis 3) Draw Conclusions 4) Design/Perform experiment 5) Define the problem
a) 1,2,3,4,5
b) 5,4,3,2,1
c) 5,2,3,1,4
d) 5,2,4,1,3

Which kind of graph is useful to compare sets of data?
a) circle graph
b) line graph
c) bar graph
d) none of the above

What instrument is used to measure mass in our density lab?
a) scale
b) beaker
c) triple beam balance
d) graduated cylinder

To accurately measure liquid volume, is it best to use a
a) plastic cup
b) beaker
c) graduated cylinder
d) triple beam balance

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