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Spongebob paid $50 to become a member of the sea museum. Each time he visited the museum he had to paid a fee of $7. Which expression represents the total fees he paid?
a) 50 + f7
b) 50f + 7
c) 50 - f7
d) 50 x f7

At a bus stop 5 people (P) got off a bus and 7 people got on. Which expression represents the number of people left on the bus?
a) P + 5 - 7
b) p5 - 7
c) P - 5 + 7
d) p5 + 7

When a train (T) stopped at a station 8 people got off the train and 6 people got on. Which expression represents the number of people on the train when it left the station?
a) T + 8 - 6
b) T + 8 + 6
c) T + 6 - 8
d) T - 8 + 6

Shaggy has two dogs named Scooby and Scrabby. Scrabby weighs half as much as Scooby. If Scooby weighs 60 pounds, how much does Scrabby weigh?
a) 10 pounds
b) 30 pounds
c) 20 pounds
d) 15 pound

Mr. Smart E. Pants bought books (B) for his class. Each book cost $8. He gave the cashier $60 to pay for the books. Which expression represents the change he received?
a) b8 - 60
b) 60b - 8
c) 60 + 8b
d) 60 - 8b

Homer Simpson loves to play X-box. Homer plays for 12 hours a day. Bart play 1/4 the hours Homer plays. How many hours does Bart play
a) 3 hours
b) 3 hours
c) 6 hours
d) 2 hours

Bart Simpson plays Play Station for 12 hours a week. Homer plays 2/3 the hours Bart does. How many hours does Homer play with his play station?
a) 3 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 8 hours
d) 6 hours

Nacho Cheese eats 4 slices from an 8 slice pizza how much of the Pizza did Nacho eat?
a) 1/3
b) 3/4
c) 1/4
d) 1/2

T-Rex reads a juicy stories every day of the week. After 3 weeks, how many juicy stories does T-Rex read?
a) 21
b) 10
c) 3
d) 9

Bugs received some carrots (C) to eat. He ate 7 carrots the first week and 7 more the next week. Which expression would show how many carrots Bugs has left?
a) C + 7 - 7
b) C7 - 2
c) C - 7 + 7
d) c + 7

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