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What is the purpose of RNA polymerase in transcription?
a) It reads a DNA strand to form a complementary DNA strand
b) It reads a DNA strand to make mRNA
c) It unzips and unwinds the DNA
d) It builds the string of amino acids

If you were given a DNA segment ACG, what would the complementary mRNA strand look like?
a) AGC
b) TGC
c) UCG
d) UGC

What type of bond forms between two amino acids?
a) Peptide bond
b) Covalent bond
c) Hydrogen bond
d) Ionic bond

Which of these choices does NOT affect the function of the final protein?
a) Length
b) Folding pattern
c) Order of the amino acids
d) Color of the molecules

Where does the mRNA go after it leaves the nucleus? Why?
a) Cytoplasm; to float around aimlessly
b) Nuclear membrane; to serve as a template for the tRNA molecule
c) Ribosome; to serve as a template for the tRNA molecules
d) Cytoplasm; to create a second mRNA molecule

If our codon reads GUG, what amino acid would join the chain?
a) Valine
b) Glycine
c) Histidine
d) Guanine

If one of our amino acids was changed in our protein molecule, what might happen to the function of the protein? Why?
a) Function would change; Because the protein would fold differently
b) Function stays the same; Because the protein would fold differently
c) Function would change; Because the molecule would break down
d) Function stays the same; Because amino acids are interchangeable

What is the function of the last codon in the mRNA sequence?
a) Signals the ribosome to attach to the mRNA molecule
b) Signals the ribosome to break apart and finish building the protein
c) Signals the mRNA molecule to break apart
d) Signals the protein molecule to form peptide bonds

Which enzyme is not used during the process of protein synthesis?
a) Lipase
b) RNA polymerase
c) Helicase
d) All of these are used during protein synthesis

What is the function of a gene?
a) It codes for a specific protein which produces a trait
b) It codes for a DNA molecule
c) It serves as a template for the entire genome
d) It codes for a single amino acid to be placed in the chain

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