Chapter 9 Solar System Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 8471)

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What tool made it possible to discovery additional planets?
a) telescope
b) spectroscope
c) space ship
d) satellite

What is the most useful unit for measuring distances within the solar system?
a) astronomical unit
b) kilometer
c) light year
d) parsec

The time an object takes to revolve around the sun once
a) period of revolution
b) orbit
c) period of rotation
d) revolution

What type of rotational spin does a planet or moon have that rotates counterclockwise?
a) prograde rotation
b) retrograde rotation
c) period of rotation
d) revolution

What type of planet is one that is dense and rocky like Earth?
a) terrestrial planet
b) jovian planet
c) gas giant
d) outer planet

What is the amount of time that an object takes to rotate once called?
a) period of rotation
b) rotation
c) revolution
d) period of revolution

What kind of rotational spin causes the sun to appear to rise in the west and set in the east?
a) retrograde rotation
b) prograde rotation
c) period of rotation
d) period of revolution

What is a common method for scientists to measure distances witihin the solar system called?
a) the speed of light
b) the speed of sound
c) the English system
d) parallax angles

What is the next planet moving outward from the sun after Saturn?
a) Uranus
b) Neptune
c) Jupiter
d) Mars

How do the inner planets differ from the outer planets?
a) They are spaced more closely together.
b) They do not have any moons.
c) They are made of lighter elements.
d) They are extremely large.

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