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In gel electrophoresis, how do we make the DNA migrate through the gel?
a) We place a negative electrode away from the wells
b) We place a positive electrode away from the wells
c) Large fragments drift to the end of the gel
d) Gravity

In gel electrophoresis, what does the gel act like?
a) A barrier
b) A gate
c) A filter
d) An open window

What do we use to cut the DNA before gel electrophoresis?
a) Helicase
b) Lipase
c) DNA polymerase
d) Restriction enzymes

Which is NOT a reason for using gel electrophoresis?
a) Comparing two sets of DNA
b) Organizing DNA in an order that we can see
c) Organizing DNA fragments from largest to smallest
d) Organizing DNA by the shape of the backbone

If we have a baby, and we know who the mother is but we want to determine the father using gel electrophoresis, how will we know we have found the father?
a) The father will match all of the DNA bands of the baby
b) The father will not match any DNA bands
c) The father will match the baby at any band where the baby does not match the mother
d) The father will match the baby at any DNA band where the baby matches the mother

Which is a true statement about a tRNA molecule?
a) It carries an amino acid to be attached to the protein chain
b) It acts as a readable copy of the DNA molecule
c) It is complementary to the DNA template strand
d) It forms long strands of nucleotides

Which is a false statement about an mRNA molecule?
a) It is complementary to the DNA template strand
b) It contains the nitrogenous base uracil
c) It contains anticodons
d) It contains the nitrogenous base adenine

Where does transcription take place?
a) Cytoplasm
b) Nucleus
c) Ribosomes
d) Nuclear Membrane

Where does translation take place?
a) Nucleus
b) Nuclear Membrane
c) Cytoplasm
d) Ribosome

What is the main purpose of the ribosome in translation?
a) It holds the mRNA in place
b) It adds nucleotides to the mRNA strand
c) It adds amino acids to the mRNA strand
d) It creates a tRNA strand

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