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A full moon occurs:
a) when the sun's rays bounce off earth to the moon
b) only during a lunar eclipse
c) when the moon's illuminated side faces earth and appears as a fully-lighted disk
d) only in the spring time

A New Moon occurs when:
a) the side of the moon facing earth lights up
b) earth rotates around the sun at twice the normal rate
c) when the moon from Mars starts to circle the Earth
d) the moon's illuminated side is facing the Earth

A waning gibbous is when the moon:
a) is fully lit up by sunlight
b) seems to be only half illuminated by sunlight
c) illumination is increasing
d) when the moon changes shapes five times in a month

During the first quarter, you can see:
a) only half of the sunlit side of the moon
b) all of the sunlit side of the moon
c) clearly how the moon is getting much smaller
d) half of the moonlit side of the sun

During a waning crescent, illumination of the moon is:
a) nonexistent
b) remaining constant
c) increasing
d) decreasing

Explosive impacts have caused many of these holes on the moon
a) phases
b) craters
c) eclipses
d) penumbra

During a waxing crescent, illumination of the moon is:
a) nonexistent
b) remaining constant
c) increasing
d) decreasing

When does an eclipse occur:
a) when an object in space comes between the sun and another object
b) 29.5 days after the last new moon
c) only when the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon.
d) only when the moon is directly between sun and Earth

What vocabulary word could have been the substitle for Transformers 3
a) penumbra
b) eclipse
c) lunar
d) umbra

The moon goes through its entire process of phases each time it:
a) move directly between the sun and Earth
b) makes a half circle around Earth
c) completely circles the Earth
d) each time its opposite side faces the Earth

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