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What is the function of the genetic material in a cell?
a) provides transport of materials from the nucleus to the cell membrane
b) breaks down materials brought into the cell
c) provides information a cell needs to function and grow
d) controls what comes into a cell and what goes out

A complex multicellular organism has different levels of organization. What is the order of these levels?
a) cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
b) tissues, organs, organ systems
c) tissues, organs, specialized cells
d) cell membrane, organelles, nucleus

Organisms can be divided into domains on the basis of the characteristics of their cells. What are these domains?
a) Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya
b) prokaryotes and eukaryotes
c) plants, animals, and bacteria
d) unicellular and multicellular

Which technology was important to the development of the cell theory?
a) computer
b) scientific model
c) microscope
d) refridgeration

What structure does a plant cell have that is not found in an animal cell and that allows a plant cell to capture energy from the Sun?
a) Cell wall
b) Chloroplast
c) Mitochondria
d) Central vacuole

What device is used to view microorganisms?
a) Microscope
b) Telescope
c) Camera Lens
d) Your eye

Which statement about cells is part of the cell theory?
a) Cells are found in most living things.
b) Cells with cell walls do not have cell membranes.
c) All cells capture energy from sunlight.
d) Cells come only from other living things.

Animal Cell
a) Plant Cell
b) Animal Cell
c) Eukaryotic cell
d) Prokaryotic cell

Plant Cell
a) Plant Cell
b) Animal Cell
c) Eukaryotic Cell
d) Prokaryotic Cell

Which type of cell does not have a nucleus?
a) Plant Cell
b) Animal Cell
c) Eukaryotic Cell
d) Prokaryotic Cell

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