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What are materials that allow charged particles to move through easily?
a) insulators
b) magnet
c) conductors
d) static electricity

A built up electic charge is called
a) static electricity
b) electrically neutral
c) an unlike charge
d) a like charge

When like charges come together they:
a) attract
b) repel
c) jump
d) move

What are the types of charges?
a) north and south
b) generator, motor, elctromagnet
c) attract, repel, move
d) electrically neutral, negatively charged, postively charged

When two objects repel what type of charge is there?
a) negative, positive
b) neutral
c) postivie, positive
d) static electricity

When you flip on a light switch what happens?
a) a circuit is closed
b) a circuit is opened
c) nothing
d) the circuit blows up

When parts of a circuit connect with no openings
a) a bulb turns off
b) a bulb turns on
c) a bulb explodes
d) a bulb changes color

What do you need to complete a simple circuit?
a) an insulator
b) static electricity
c) wires
d) a source of electricity

Christmas lights are an example of what?
a) parallel circuit
b) series circuit
c) electricity
d) pathway

Rubber is a great
a) conductor
b) circuit
c) cell
d) insulator

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