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What is legislative supremacy
a) The majority of states set up governments in which most of the power was given to the legislature
b) The majority of states set up government in which power was divided equally among three branches
c) The majority of states set up government in which the legislature acted as the executive branch
d) The belief among the Founders that the legislative branch was the least democratic branch.

Massachusetts was the last state to write its constitution. What made it different?
a) It distributed power more evenly among the branches of government
b) It created legislative supremacy to avoid a powerful executive branch
c) It gave the governor less power because the people did not elect the governor directly
d) All the citizens of Massachusetts were in one large voting group

What is a veto
a) A refusal to sign a proposed law
b) A petition
c) A name that rhymes with Tito and therefore is awesome
d) A proposed law

What was the Virginia Declaration of Rights
a) A bill of rights which listed the rights of the people
b) Virginia's state constitution
c) A letter written by Virginia's delegates to the Constitutional Convention stating their opposition.
d) Virginia's attempt to secede from the Union

What was our nation's first constitution
a) The Article's of Confederation
b) The Constitution, duh!
c) The Treaty of Paris
d) The Massachusetts constitution

How did the Articles of Confederation organize the national government?
a) It created a weak national government what consisted of just a legislature and no other branches
b) It created a strong national autocratic government
c) It created a national government with three branches based on the separation of powers
d) It created a strong national government which took most of the powers of state governments

What did our nation achieve under the Articles of Confederation
a) It passed the fugitive slave clause
b) It negotiated the Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolution and passed the Northwest Ordinance
c) It set up a strong national government to keep the states in check
d) It created the first national government based on the principles of separation of powers

What problems did our country experience under the Articles of Confederation?
a) Congress did not have any money and it did not have any power to raise money
b) Congress had no power over the state governments or their citizens
c) Congress could not make the states live up to trade agreements with other nations
d) All of the answers are examples of problems our country had under the Articles of Confederation

What was Shay's Rebellion
a) Local farmers began to close down courts in an attempt to keep the state from taking their farms
b) A boy named Shay refused to attend Mrs. Matson's class because Mrs. Matson was mean to students
c) Daniel Shays led a group of state legislators in a rebellion against the government to free slaves
d) A revolt against cotton taxes in South Carolina

What is a delegate?
a) A person who represents other people at a meeting
b) A slave that has escaped to a free state in the Union
c) A tax on goods and products imported from other nations
d) A proposed law

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