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This Is The Third And Last Section Of Questions For The Final On The Rocks Chapter.[print questions]

Metamorphic rocks that are nonfoliated
a) do not split into layers.
b) split into layers.
c) have mineral grains lined up in parallel layers.
d) usually have a rougher texture.

A series of processes on Earth’s surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly changes rocks from one kind to another is called
a) the rock cycle.
b) erosion.
c) crystallization.
d) evaporation.

Which of the following is NOT one of the possible stages in the rock cycle?
a) smelting
b) volcanic activity
c) erosion
d) melting

The sedimentary rock breccia is made up of
a) rock fragments with sharp edges.
b) skeletons of ocean organisms.
c) plant remains.
d) large crystals.

What step in the rock cycle would be required to change granite into sandstone?
a) Granite particles settle on the ocean floor.
b) Lava flows melt the granite sediment.
c) Pieces of the granite melt when they return to the mantle by subduction.
d) Magma hardens into granite sediment.

What are the two most useful metamorphic rocks?
a) marble and slate
b) sandstone and quartzite
c) limestone and breccia
d) granite and shale

Erosion on a mountain range that was pushed up as a result of two continental plates colliding will lead to the formation of
a) sedimentary rock.
b) magma.
c) metamorphic rock.
d) igneous rock.

During the rock cycle, a collision between two continental plates could force one plate down toward the heat of the mantle, producing
a) metamorphic rock.
b) coarse-grained rock.
c) igneous rock.
d) sedimentary rock.

The process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together is
a) cementation
b) compaction.
c) deposition.
d) erosion.

Generally, a rock is made up of
a) a mixture of minerals and other materials.
b) large crystals.
c) small crystals.
d) a compound of several elements.

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