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The sedimentary rock formed when water deposits tiny particles of clay in very thin, flat layers is called
a) shale
b) gypsum
c) limestone.
d) calcite

Chalk formed from sediments made of skeletons of microscopic living things in the ocean must be a(n)
a) organic rock.
b) clastic rock.
c) chemical rock.
d) igneous rock.

What forms the structure called a coral reef?
a) skeletons of coral animals
b) deposits of coral rocks
c) cementation of crystals
d) particles of clastic rocks

What happens to a coral reef if the sea level rises or if the sea floor sinks?
a) It continues to grow upward.
b) It dies.
c) It is not affected.
d) It grows downward.

Over time, coral buried by sediments can turn into
a) limestone.
b) granite.
c) coal.
d) atolls.

Because plate movements have raised ancient sea floors above sea level,
a) limestone that began as coral reefs can be found on the continents.
b) there is less coral than there used to be.
c) coral reefs are only found in the deep ocean.
d) all remains of ancient coral reefs have been lost.

Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth’s surface can change any rock into
a) metamorphic rock.
b) chemical rock.
c) gemstones.
d) sedimentary rock.

The heat that changes a rock into metamorphic rock comes from
a) the heat of the mantle.
b) the sun.
c) movements in the crust.
d) chemical rocks in the crust.

Geologists classify metamorphic rock according to
a) the arrangement of the grains that make up the rock.
b) the exterior color of the rock.
c) the overall shape of the rock.
d) the degree of hardness of the rock.

The texture of a metamorphic rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers is described as
a) foliated.
b) jagged grained.
c) coarse grained.
d) nonfoliated.

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