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Bessemer process
a) able to make more and better steel
b) someone who buys stock in a company
c) prevents theft of an invention
d) a way to refine oil

What did Thomas Edison invent?
a) sewing machine
b) pullman car
c) light bulb
d) Samuel Morse

What is a patent?
a) a way to make more and better steel
b) someone who buys stock in a company
c) light bulb
d) prevents the theft of an invention

Alexander Bell
a) invented the light bulb
b) invented the telephone
c) invented the sewing machine
d) invented the telegraph

Pullman Car
a) makes more and better steel
b) luxury train
c) steel industry
d) invented the telegraph

Who invented the glider?
a) Alexander Bell
b) Pullman Car
c) Thomas Edison
d) Orville and Wilbur Wright

What two common products come from refined oil?
a) kerosene and gasoline
b) steel and iron
c) kerosene and coal
d) gasoline and steel

Gilded means:
a) to join a secret club
b) working with horses
c) process for making steel
d) laying a thin layer of gold over worthless metal

What is a corporation?
a) a business that is made up of many investors
b) shares of ownership
c) person who buys stock
d) complete control

What is an investor
a) know as the oil king
b) invented the telephone
c) someone who buys stock in a company
d) complete control

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