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__________ is the exclusive right to make and use literary, musical, or artistic work, which is considered intellectual property.
a) news feed
b) Wiki
c) copy right
d) trademark

A(n) ____________________ is a collection of multimedia files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a mobile device or personal computer.
a) podcast
b) wiki
c) news feed
d) trademark

Which symbol is considered a wildcard character?
a) *
b) #
c) &
d) @

Which question would you ask if you were evaluating the validity and bias of a Web site?
a) Is the information current?
b) Is it trying to influence public opinion?
c) Is the information sufficient for your particular purpose?
d) Is the site organized and well designed?

If you want to search for words that appear next to each other, which is your best choice?
a) Phrase searching
b) Boolean searching
c) Title searching
d) Wildcard searching

When searching online, one of the primary tools you can use to find information is a(n) ____.
a) news feed
b) bookmark
c) gadget
d) search engine

Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are examples of ____.
a) social bookmarking sites
b) wikis
c) blogs
d) social networking sites

If Chandler did not give proper credit for the information included in his paper, it could be considered ____.
a) public domain
b) plagiarism
c) a copyright violation
d) libel

If you are asking whether the purpose of the Web site is stated and if the information is accurate, which criteria are you evaluating?
a) Coverage
b) Page layout
c) writing style
d) relvance and reliability

Certain material is considered to be in the public domain when ____.
a) the inventor has exclusive rights to the process or method
b) it is protected as a trademark
c) the copyright notice isn’t prominently displayed on the Web site
d) the copyright or patent protection has lapsed

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