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What force do animals in the deep ocean experience?
a) low pressure
b) air pressure
c) high pressure
d) friction

If animals have a symbiotic relationship, what does that mean?
a) they help each other survive
b) they fight to the end
c) one animal survives and the other dies
d) they hurt each other

Which adaptation helps elk survive in the taiga?
a) long legs
b) thick fur
c) sharp hooves
d) big antlers

Where do carnivores get their energy?
a) from eating plants
b) from the store
c) from the sun
d) from eating animals

What trees grow well in the wet, cool climate?
a) maple and spruce
b) coconuts
c) palms
d) lilac bushes

When decomposers break down dead organisms, what is given off?
a) helium
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

In an energy pyramid, where is the greatest amount of energy?
a) at the top
b) in the middle
c) at the bottom
d) on the side

What will enable a tree to survive when others might not?
a) the largest root system
b) the largest seeds
c) the largest leaves
d) the largest flowers

If insects are killed, what will happen to the birds that eat them?
a) they will get very sick
b) nothing
c) the will die also
d) their wings will fall off

Which organisms break down waste and dead matter?
a) producers
b) carnivores
c) herbivores
d) decomposers

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