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A type of scientist that studies fossils
a) nurse
b) paleontologist
c) fireman
d) dentist

needing much effort
a) difficult
b) easy
c) scary
d) swamp

to become firm
a) hardened
b) evaporate
c) dissolve
d) melt

to cause young to come from an egg
a) rescue
b) harden
c) hatch
d) break

a wet and muddy area
a) swamp
b) iceburg
c) hatch
d) desert

a person who studies nature or natural laws
a) monkey
b) paleontologist
c) scientist
d) plumber

needing much effort
a) easy
b) wonderful
c) rescue
d) difficult

to save or free
a) wonder
b) believe
c) rescue
d) capture

houses or apartments that are next to each other
a) city
b) neighborhood
c) difficult
d) swamp

scientist who studies life from long ago
a) neighbor
b) hatch
c) paleontologist
d) scientist

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