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Of the three towns, which is more likely to experience dry weather?
a) town closest to a high pressure area
b) town farthest away from a high pressure area
c) town closest to a low pressure area

Winds that blow clockwise out of a high pressure system create:
a) high pressure systems
b) low pressure systems
c) no pressure systems (what a relief!)

Which of these are a weather map symbol for a cold front?
a) a blue line with triangles
b) a red line with half-circles
c) a line with both triangles and circles

Wind will usually move from ares of:
a) low pressure to high pressure
b) high pressure to low pressure
c) low humidity to high humidity

Cold fronts can generally usher in:
a) dry weather
b) wet/stormy weather
c) snow

What of the following describe a stationary front on a weather map?
a) a red line with circles
b) a line with both circles and triangles
c) a blue line with half-circles

A station model tells us about the weather. It can measure the direction and ______ of wind as well.
a) color
b) taste
c) speed

Winds that blow northward along the coast of South Carolina and Florida are called:
a) continental polar winds
b) maritime polar winds
c) maritime tropical winds

Normal air flows around an area of high pressure in which direction?
a) clockwise
b) counterclockwise
c) it doesn't flow at all

If you see a cold front on the weather map, that means the area in front of it might experience:
a) storms
b) dry weather
c) wind

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