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What is the main function of vascular tissue in vascular plants?
a) to cover the ground
b) to move water and nutrients throughout the plant
c) to provide the plant with its green coloring
d) to complete photosynthesis

The vascular tissue that transports water and dissolved nutrients from the roots up through the plant is called
a) Phloem
b) Xylem
c) Transport tissue
d) Fibrous tissue

Xylem and phloem together make up
a) nutrients
b) tracheids
c) vessels
d) vascular tissue

Tracheids and vessels together make up
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) chloroplasts
d) a plant cell

Vascular tissue is found in shoots, leaves, flowers, and
a) mosses
b) lichens
c) roots
d) liverworts

Which of the following is a seedless vascular plant?
a) oak tree
b) fern
c) daisy
d) pumpkin

Sporophytes are
a) gametes
b) zygotes
c) haploid
d) diploid

Gametophytes are
a) gametes
b) zygotes
c) haploid
d) diploid

In the alternation of generations life cycle fertilization requires two
a) sporophytes
b) gametophytes
c) gametes
d) spores

Ferns produce all of the following except
a) zygotes
b) gametes
c) spores
d) seeds

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