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Which agent of metamorphism can cause the overall composition of the rock to change?
a) heat
b) running water
c) pressure
d) hydrothermal solution

Which of the following changes may occur during metamorphism?
a) certain minerals may re crystalize
b) all of the answers are correct
c) crystals get larger
d) the rock becomes more compact

A foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
a) combine to form visible bonds
b) all of the answers are correct
c) become less compact
d) combine but do not form visible bands

Which of the following metamorphic rock has a non foliated texture
a) slate
b) schist
c) marble
d) gneiss

A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its
a) desnity and texture
b) density and color
c) color and composition
d) texture and composition

The foliated metamorphic rock that forms when the sedimentary rock shale is subjected to relatively low temperature and pressue is
a) marble
b) slate
c) quartzite
d) granite

On the test you will be asked - What is a rock?. To study you should
a) read the text book
b) go for a walk
c) take a nap
d) watch TV

On the test, you will be asked - What are the 3 types of rocks?, to study you should
a) Call Oprah
b) Call 911
c) Look in Chapter 3 of the text
d) Call Mr. Repass

In the test, you will be asked - What are fossils and why are they useful?, to study you should
a) Play a round of Golf
b) Make plans for the weekend
c) Look in Chapter 3 of the text
d) Call a friend and talk about Homecoming

On the test you will have to answer one of the following questions: 1. Explian the rock cycle and how an igneous changes to sedeminatary, then metamorphic and back to igneous rock.\
a) Text a friend and make plans to go to a movie
b) Play a video game
c) Go to bed and hope for the best
d) Read the text book

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