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Which celestial body has the greatest influence on ocean tides?
a) Moon
b) Sun
c) Jupiter
d) none of these

The lowest point of a wave is the
a) trough
b) crest
c) wavelength
d) frequency

The highest point of a wave is:
a) crest
b) trough
c) wavelength
d) frequency

When the wind blows across a body of water (like the ocean), ________________ between the water and air causes the water to move.
a) friction
b) gravity
c) density
d) mass

The tides at any one locality will result from the interaction of:
a) all of these
b) the sun, moon, and Earth.
c) rotation of the Earth.
d) elliptical orbits of the moon and Earth.

Which of the following statements best characterizes neap tides?
a) Neap tides occur when the moon, Earth and sun form a right angle.
b) Neap tides occur at the new and full moons every month.
c) Neap tides correspond with the timing of spring tides.
d) Neap tides represent extreme tidal ranges.

The size of waves is related to...
a) all of these
b) this distance that wind blows over water.
c) the speed of winds blowing over water.
d) the duration of winds blowing over water.

What causes currents?
a) All of these
b) Gravity
c) Tides
d) Wind

What is measured from one wave crest to another wave crest or one wave trough to another wave trough?
a) the wavelength.
b) always the same.
c) the wave period.
d) the wave speed or celerity.

What is another name for wave height?
a) Amplitude
b) Wavelength
c) Origin
d) Frequency

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