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Volume measures:
a) the amount of space an object takes up.
b) the height of an object.
c) the length times the width of a box.
d) the amount of matter an object contains.

Unlike mass, weight depends on:
a) molecular structure.
b) the direction the object is facing.
c) gravity.
d) the height of the object.

Which of the following is NOT an example of SI units?
a) Celsius
b) Inches
c) Meters
d) Grams

Which measurement is NOT correctly paired to what it measures?
a) Milligram/ Mass
b) Celsius/ Temperature
c) Gram/ Length
d) Kiloliter/ Volume

Two kilograms would equal:
a) 4 grams
b) 2,000 grams
c) 20 milligrams
d) 2 ounces

Water boils at:
a) 100 degrees Celsius
b) 32 degrees Celsius
c) 0 degrees Celsius
d) 212 degrees Celsius

Which of the following is NOT a good hypothesis?
a) Basketballs will bounce higher on concrete rather than wood.
b) A can colored black will be hotter when left in the sun than a can painted white.
c) Green beans taste better raw rather than cooked.
d) Plants in the sun will grow taller than plants in the shade.

Which of the following is not an organism?
a) Rock
b) Monkey
c) Tree
d) Sponge

Which of the following is an example of a population?
a) White-tailed deer living in parks across the United States.
b) Cardinals and bluejays at a bird feeder.
c) Pharaoh ants living in a backyard.
d) Geese, ducks, and fish living in a local lake.

Which of the following is not an adaptation for reducing water loss in a dry environment?
a) Thick waxy layer on leaves.
b) Small spiny leaves on plants.
c) Scaly skin on reptiles.
d) Thorns on stems.

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