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1) A sail boat is 49 meters long. A scale drawing of the sail boat is 7 centimeters. What is the scale of the drawing?
a) 1 m to 7 cm
b) 7 m to 1 cm
c) 9 m to 1 cm
d) 1 m to 9 cm

2) A scale drawing statue is 72 meters tall. A scale drawing of the statue is 12 centimeters tall. Which is the scale of the drawing?
a) 6 m to 1 cm
b) 1 m to 6 cm
c) 1 m to 7 cm
d) 7 m to 1 cm

3) A statue has a height of 4 feet and cast a 6 foot shadow at the same time of day, a bush has a shadow that measures 9 feet. Find the height of the bush.
a) 4.5 ft
b) 8 ft
c) 13.5 ft
d) 6 ft

4) Kelley is baking cake and needs 18 cups of flour. How many quarts are equivalent to cups?
a) 4 qt
b) 12 qt
c) 4.5 qt
d) 72qt

How many liters are there in 4,300 milliliters?
a) 43 L
b) 430 L
c) 0.043 L
d) 4.3 L

6) On a map, Jacey's house is 7 inches away from the Mall. The scale on the map is 1 in = 16 miles. How many miles is Jacey's house from the mall?
a) 2.2 L
b) 112 L
c) 3 L
d) 32 L

7) 4 ft tall man casts a 7 foot shadow. She is standing next to a statue that casts a 21 foot shadow. What is the height of the statue?
a) 12 ft
b) 8 ft
c) 84 ft
d) 14 ft

8) What is the most appropriate unit of measure for area of a gym?
a) square centimeters
b) square centimeters
c) square killometers
d) square meters

9) Rectangle ABCD is similar to rectangle DEFG. Rectangle ABCD has a width of 6 inches and a height of 9 inches.Rectangle DEFG has a height of 18f inches. What is the width?
a) 108 in
b) 27 in
c) 54 in
d) 12 in

10) It takes 7 quarts of juice to make punch. How many cups is 7 quarts of juice?
a) 14 qt
b) 28 qt
c) 21 qt
d) 3.5 qt

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