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Which of the following is a use for fossils found in sedimentary rocks
a) interpreting past environment
b) all of the answers listed
c) matching rocks of the same age found in different places
d) indicating when the rock was formed

Fossils are only found in
a) sedimentary rocks
b) non foliated metamorphic rocks
c) foliated metamorphic rocks
d) intrusive igneous rocks

Sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed
a) along a beach or stream
b) when wet mud dried and shrank
c) from the shell fragments of ancient sea dwelling creatures
d) when ancient animals walked on them

Most metamorphic processes take place
a) several hundred kilometers below the Earth\'s surface
b) at Earth's surface
c) just below the Earth's surface
d) a few kilometers below the Earth's surface

Which of the following metamorphic rocks would most likely have formed at the highest temerature and pressures?
a) gneiss
b) phyllite
c) slate
d) schist

In which of the following settings would a metamorphic rock most likely form
a) 8 kilometers below the Earth\'s surface
b) on the slopes of an active volcano
c) a desert
d) an ocean floor

The primary agent of contact metamorphisms is
a) heat
b) weathering
c) extreme pressure
d) flowing water

Most of the heat form contact metamorphism is supplied by
a) a nearby mass of magma
b) deep burial in the Earth
c) frictional heating along a fault
d) radioactive elements

What rock forming process occurs when hot magma forces its way into rock?
a) contact metamorphism
b) deposition
c) biochemical sedimentation
d) regional metamorphism

Which of the following is NOT an agent of metamorphism?
a) heat
b) hydrothemral solution
c) pressure
d) running water

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