Quarterly Reveiw 2 Question Preview (ID: 84)

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Which side of Adam hill has the steepest slope?
a) east
b) west
c) north
d) south

In which direction is Linda river flowing
a) northwest
b) northeast
c) southwest
d) southeast

What could be the highest possible elevation of point
a) 129 ft
b) 130 ft
c) 139 ft
d) 140 ft

If you remain on the same latitude line , you will be traveling
a) due north or south
b) due east or west
c) due north or east
d) due south or west

As you travel toward the poles from the equator, the altitude of Polaris will
a) increase then decrease
b) decrease only
c) decrease then increase
d) increase only

If two people were on the same longitude line, they
a) would have the same solar time
b) would both be in the southern hemisphere
c) would both be in the northern hemisphere
d) would both be experiencing the same season

What would be the difference in time for someone at 75W and someone at 105W ?
a) 1 hour
b) no difference, they're on the same longitude line
c) 2 hours
d) 15 minutes

The observer in this picture is looking at Polaris. What latitude is he at?
a) 50 S
b) 50 N
c) 40 S
d) 40 N

A river flows from 40M to 10M in a matter of 2km. What's the gradient?
a) 30M-10M / 2km
b) 40M - 20M / 2km
c) 2km/40M - 10M
d) 40M-10M / 2km

What is one way to determine the direction a river flows?
a) water flows from a low elevation to a high elevation
b) contour lines bend crossing a stream and point to where the water is flowing
c) Contour lines bend crossing a stream and point to where the water is coming from
d) streams always flows into a large body of water.

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