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An air mass has the same characteristics as what?
a) The surface below it
b) The air mass above it
c) The air mass directly west of it
d) The airmass directly north of it

A cold dry air mass formed over landlocked areas is called what?
a) continental polar
b) continental tropical
c) maritime polar
d) maritime tropical

A hot, humid air mass formed over water near the equater is called what?
a) maritime tropical
b) maritime polar
c) continental tropical
d) continental polar

A warm air mass is _____________ dense than a cold air mass and will usually ___________
a) less, rise
b) more, rise
c) less, sink
d) less, sink

What is represented by a blue line with triangles?
a) cold front
b) warm front
c) elevation
d) wind direction

A cold front moves _________ than a warm front and produces ___________ violent weather
a) more quickly, more
b) more slowly, less
c) more quickly, less
d) more slowly, more

What is produced when a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass?
a) occluded front
b) stationary front
c) warm front
d) cold front

When a front does not move or barely moves it is called a _________________ front.
a) stationary front
b) occluded front
c) cold front
d) warm front

Cold air is _____________dense tham warm air and usually ______________.
a) more, sinks
b) more, rises
c) less, sinks
d) less, rises

What is represented by a red line with semicicles?
a) warm front
b) cold front
c) elevation
d) physical boundary

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