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What type of composition does an igneous rock have that contains mostly plagioclase feldspar and about 30% dark silicate minerals
a) andesitic
b) granitic
c) basaltic
d) ultramafic

Why can 2 igneous rocks have the same minerals but different names?
a) The rocks may have different textures
b) The rocks may befopund in different sizes
c) The rocks may be different sizes
d) The rocks have different colors

A conglomerate is a rock that forms as a result of
a) compaction and cementation
b) intense hear and pressure
c) rapid cooling
d) slow cooling

Which of the following represents the correct order of the processes involved in sedimentary rock formations?
a) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation
b) erosion, weathering, compaction and cementation, deposition
c) depositon, cementation, compaction, erosion, weathering
d) compaction, cementation, deposition, weathering erosion

Which sedimentary rock would most likely be deposited in a very high energy stream?
a) conglomerate
b) siltstone
c) shale
d) coal

Which of the following is responsible for the formation of rock gypsum? (use chart of pg 74)
a) precipitation from a water solution
b) weathering and erosion
c) cooling of magma
d) recrystallization frp,high temperatures and high pressures

What type of rock is composed of very fine crystalline quartz
a) rock gypsum
b) chalk
c) sandstone
d) flint

A course grained rock with angular fragments would be a (use chart of pg 74)
a) breccia
b) conglomerate
c) sandstone
d) crystalline limestone

A clastic sedimentary rock with particles that are 1.5mm in diameter would be classified as (use chart of pg 74)
a) sandstone
b) coquina
c) conglomerate
d) siltstone

What type of sedimntary rock is formed from weathered particles of rocks and minerals?
a) clastic sedmintary rock
b) biochemical sedimatru rock
c) chemical sedimentary rock
d) intrusive sedimentary rocks

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