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Which of the following is an Aboriginal Philosophy?
a) Creation is on going.
b) Universalist.
c) Time is more important then space.
d) Creation is Static.

Which of the following is NOT a European Philosophy during colonialism in canada?
a) Collective decision making.
b) Universalist.
c) Truth is objective and must be striven for.
d) Hierarchical social order (since only truth).

Why did colonizers depict aboriginals as savage?
a) It allowed them to have reason for power.
b) They were all racist.
c) Race to them was a social construct not biological determinant.
d) In order to tell great stories of conquest.

What colonizer Strategy was used to justify oppression?
a) Epistemological Diffusion.
b) Universality.
c) Eurocentrism.
d) Enforcement of Differences.

Why did Europeans become so successful at \'conguesting\' Aboriginal people and land?
a) They had better weapons that could kill faster.
b) The Aboriginal people had different world views and different concept of \'ownership\'.
c) They were smarter then Aboriginals, in education, communication and understanding..
d) The natives did not fight as well and had smaller armies.

What would Postcolonial Paradigm accept in study today?
a) Continue to only study European colonization persepctives in Canada.
b) Try to make harmony of the two view points.
c) Should consider Aboriginal\'s view points as valid in their own right.
d) Investigate knowledge and rituals from an Aboriginal perspective today.

What are most studies on colonialism in North America based on today?
a) Eurocentrism.
b) Various Cross cultural studies.
c) Western Philosophy.
d) Western Philosophy and tradition.

What is one key way in understanding why European's gained social control?
a) Understanding Space is more important then time.
b) Seeing what weakness Aboriginal's had through illness at the time.
c) Searching facts on historical battles between Aboriginals and Europeans.
d) Understanding the differences between Aboriginal and European world views.

How was Universality effect European Colonizers conquest strategy?
a) Universality enforces diffusionism universal truth is to be found in the European view.
b) Universality enforces diffusionism.
c) Universality enforces diffusionism since truth is not found in the European center.
d) Universality enforces obedience.

Who wrote this article?
a) Little Bear
b) Sakej Little Bear
c) Sakej Henderson
d) Marie Battiste.

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