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Angle A and Angle B are supplementary angles. What is the measure of angle B if the measure of angle A = 120°?
a) 180
b) 60
c) 120
d) 30

Choose the false statement.
a) An obtuse triangle has two obtuse angles.
b) A right triangle has two acute angles.
c) A triangle can have three acute angles.
d) An equilateral triangle has three acute angles.

Which statement is false?
a) A rhombus is a quadrilateral.
b) A rhombus is a square.
c) A rhombus is a parallelogram.
d) A rhombus is a quadrilateral with four congruent sides.

Angle Q and Angle R are corresponding angles of congruent triangles. Find x if the measure of angle Q = 120° and the measure of angle R = (3x - 30) °.
a) x = 60
b) x = 30
c) x = 40
d) x = 50

Which of the following letters has two lines of symmetry?
a) M
b) Q
c) X
d) D

Reflect the point (6, -5) over the x-axis.
a) (-6, -5)
b) (6, 5)
c) (5, -6)
d) (6, -5)

Pentagon ABCDE has been translated 5 units right and 4 units down. Find A' if A is (-7, 8).
a) (-2, 12)
b) (-2, 4)
c) (-11, 13)
d) (-12, 12)

The point P (-5, -10) is rotated 180° about the origin. What are the coordinates of P'?
a) (10, 5)
b) (-10, -5)
c) (5, -10)
d) (5, 10)

Point A(-6, 3) is rotated 90° counterclockwise about the origin. Give the ordered pair for A'.
a) (-6, -3)
b) (-3, -6)
c) (6, 3)
d) (6, -3)

Identify the congruent angles that are located inside the parallel lines and on opposite side the transversal.
a) Corresponding Angles
b) Alternate Interior Angles
c) Alternante Exterior Angles
d) Complementary Angles

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