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Chapter Eight.[print questions]

A nun who was a composer of the Medieval Period:
a) Clara Schumann
b) Hildegard of Bingen
c) St. Francis
d) Mary Katherine

Most music of the Medieval Period was:
a) secular
b) happy
c) accompanied
d) sacred

Which of the following is not part of the Ordinary of the Mass?
a) Laudate
b) Agnus Dei
c) Sanctus
d) Kyrie

What is the texture of \
a) Homophonic
b) Drone
c) Polyphonic
d) Monophonic

A Mass is:
a) Roman Catholic worship service
b) an 18th century singing style
c) a dramatic vocal piece
d) a section of a cantata

The definition of a cappella is:
a) secular song introduced in Italy
b) Singing the same pitch
c) Ensemble of several members
d) unaccompanied group singing (without instruments)

The definition of unison is:
a) Singing in Latin
b) hymns with verses
c) Singing the same pitch
d) Music of varying time periods

Who organized the early Christian changs?
a) Pope Paul
b) Pope Gregory I
c) Pope John Paul
d) Pope Benedict

The texture of most Medieval music was:
a) monophonic
c) polyphonic
d) homophonic

What are the dates of the Middle Ages?
a) between 570 - 640
b) between 1685 and 1750
c) between 1750 and 1820
d) between 500 and 1450

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