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What would most likely result if mitosis was not accompanied by cytoplasmic division?
a) two cells, each with one nucleus
b) one cell without a nucleus
c) one cell with two identical nuclei
d) two cells, each without a nucleus

Which structures are not involved in asexual reproduction?
a) Centromeres
b) Setae
c) chromosomes
d) spindles

During mitosis, a double-stranded chromosome is attached to a spindle fiber at the...
a) centriole
b) cell plate
c) centrosome
d) centromere

Many unicellular organisms reproduce by the process of...
a) fission
b) nondisjunction
c) ovulation
d) regeneration

The ameba reproduces by
a) binary fission
b) meiosis
c) stromata
d) regeneration

Yeast cells reproduce by
a) binary fission
b) sexual reproduction
c) budding
d) ovulation

In yeast budding...
a) sexual reproduction between two yeast cells takes place
b) runners are made
c) meiosis occurs
d) the cytoplasm divides unequally

What is the definition of runners?
a) horizontal stems
b) spindles
c) cytoplasmic nodes
d) buds

Plants that are grown from undifferentiated cells of leaves, stems, or roots are produced by
a) sexual reproduction
b) fission of gametes
c) fusion of spores
d) vegetative propagation

What is one difference between mitotic cell division in and mitotic cell division in animals
a) The replicated chromosomes separate in plants but animals.
b) The nuclear membrane reforms in plants but not in animals.
c) A cell plate divides the cytoplasm in plants but not in animals.
d) Chromosomes are replicated in plants but not in animals.

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