BML 10-2 Question Preview (ID: 8361)

Business Management And Law, Chapter 10, Set 2.[print questions]

Economic activity begins with
a) retailing
b) taxes
c) printing money
d) production

An information manager is LEAST likely to
a) provide safety training for employees
b) install a firewall to restrict computer network access
c) develop a customer database
d) maintain a company\'s voicemail system

Product planning involves product ___ and ___.
a) yin; yang
b) research; design
c) placement; advertising
d) sales; marketing

Logistics personnel are responsible for all of these EXCEPT
a) locating supplies
b) purchasing supplies
c) developing products
d) communicating with producers

Safety and security involves
a) protecting inventory from theft
b) maintaining clear landscaping
c) placing wet floor signs when appropriate
d) all of these

Production includes all of these EXCEPT
a) extraction
b) cultivation
c) distribution
d) processing

a) find things in their natural state
b) convert items from their raw state into a more useful form
c) tend land and other natural resources to grow crops and livestock
d) operate baseball teams in small markets, hoping to develop talent for the major leagues

Applied research is research that
a) works really hard.
b) puts on makeup or paint.
c) fills out paperwork to get a job at a particular company.
d) studies an existing product to improve its design or find a new use.

Just-in-time logistics means that products arrive
a) right before dinner.
b) exactly when they are needed for use.
c) by Christmas Eve.
d) before bedtime.

Continous Process Improvement
a) nags the process until it gets better.
b) drives employees to seek life elsewhere.
c) ends once improvements are made.
d) increases the quality of work by reducing errors, inefficiencies and waste.

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