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Inventory is a list of all of a company's
a) materials, supplies and finished products
b) assets, liabilities, and equity
c) lions, tigers and bears
d) employees, customers and creditors

Research done just to find a solution to a problem, without a particular product in mind, is called
a) solid gold
b) applied research
c) pure research
d) alchemy

What kind of producers get materials from other producers an change them into a different type of product for consumers or other businesses?
a) farmers
b) manufacturers
c) wizards
d) Steven Spielberg

Which business operation involves determining what needs to be done, who will do it, and what they need to do it with?
a) logistics
b) facilities management
c) appendectomy
d) scheduling

If a business offers products that meet all of its customers' needs at competitive prices, it cannot fail.
a) True, because busines operations don't matter.
b) False, because its business operations may be so inefficient that it cannot operate.
c) True, because Forrest Gump's mama said so.
d) False, because a little birdie told me.

Which of these is NOT part of an operational plan?
a) What work will be done.
b) How the work will be done.
c) Who will do the work.
d) What resources are needed to do the work.

Raw materials from nature are called
a) agricultural products
b) lunch, as soon as they are cooked
c) natural resources
d) processed goods

Which of the following is LEAST likely to be made using intermittent processing?
a) oil
b) t-shirts
c) graduation invitations
d) textbooks

Which of the following is MOST likely to be made using continuous processing?
a) houses
b) a bridge
c) maple syrup
d) golden Ferarris

The best practices among companies in a particular field are called
a) benchmarks
b) toolbags
c) two-a-days
d) that's-gonna-leave-a-mark

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