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Size, shape, color, or texture are examples of
a) physical properties
b) metric systems
c) states of matter
d) chemical properties

The _______________ are three froms of matter that usually take the form of solid, liquid, or gas.
a) atoms
b) states of matter
c) mass on scales
d) molecules

When the molecules are tightly packed, have a form, and are slightly vibrating, they are in the form of a
a) liquid
b) science class
c) gas
d) solid

The _____________ of an object is the amount of matter it contains.
a) volume
b) height
c) mass
d) weight

A particle of matter made of two or more atoms joined together is called
a) a molecule
b) a lesson
c) an arrangement
d) an atom

Meters, grams, and liters are units of the
a) standard measurement
b) metric system
c) calendar
d) chemical property

Anything that has mass and takes up space is called
a) matter
b) stuff
c) physics
d) density

The smallest particle of matter is the
a) particle
b) volume
c) atom
d) element

Which tool is used to best view the physical properties of matter?
a) scales / balance
b) measuring cup
c) telescope
d) hand lens

Which tool is used to best determine the mass of an object?
a) scales / balance
b) measuring cup
c) telescope
d) hand lens

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