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This is a long, wide, flat piece of wood.
a) Chunk
b) Plank
c) Concrete

What did Tiberius Gracchus try to do?
a) Take land for himself
b) Give land to the government
c) Give public land to the poor

Who lead the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War
a) Tiberius Gracchus
b) Hannibal
c) Octavian

Punic wars lasted how many years?
a) 4
b) more than 100
c) less than 1 year

This has to do with governing
a) Political
b) Tribunes
c) Territory

These people served one year terms.
a) Consul
b) Latins
c) Plebeians

This means to say no to a ruling or law
a) Veto
b) Agree
c) Plank

A common person in Rome who was not wealthy was called_________.
a) Consul
b) Person
c) Plebeian

Latins lived on____________.
a) plain south of the Tiber River.
b) The mountains
c) The ocean

1. Octavian was________.
a) Rome’s first emperor.
b) A terrorist
c) Led the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War

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