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A school program combining classroom study with on-the-job learning is designed to prepare students for:
a) College
b) Meaningful Careers
c) Unemployment
d) None of the above

Before being assigned to a training station, a student's qualifications for work experience are carefully considered by:
a) The program coordinator
b) The employer
c) Both of the above
d) None of the above

A student training station might be:
a) A manufacturing company
b) A hair salon
c) An insurancee company
d) All of the above.

Which of the following does not apply to students participating in work-based learning programs?
a) They usually earn money while they work
b) They work full-time
c) They gain on-the-job experience
d) They become aware of career goals

While participating in a work-based learning program, students will gain:
a) A four-year degree
b) Work experience
c) Certification
d) All of the above

Transferable skills are not:
a) Required in today's workplace
b) The skills employers want in their employees
c) Developed one at a time
d) Developed through school, extracurricular, work, community and volunteer activities

Which of the following applies to career clusters?
a) They are part of a broad plan that links school preparation to career success
b) They involve 10 groups of occupational and career specialties
c) They involve 12 basic categories of career knowledge and skills
d) They involve only the most-challenging occupations

The importance of career pathways are:
a) They include related careers
b) They range from entry-level to very challenging
c) They require similar programs of study
d) All of the above

What benefits students can gain from a work-based learning experience
a) Gain on-the-job experience
b) Acquire marketable skills
c) Earn money
d) All of the above

Which of these does not describe the three-way relationship between the student, the program coordinator, and the workplace supervisor?
a) They work as a team
b) They work to ensure that the student gains skills
c) They all assign the student a different grade
d) They help the student toward a meaningful career

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