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The space surrounding the nucleus of an atom contains
a) protons
b) electrons
c) neutrons
d) ions

Which one the following makes up a molecule of water?
a) one atom of Hydrgen and one atom of Oxygen
b) one atom of sodium and one atom of chlorine
c) one atom of hydrogen and 2 atoms of oxygen
d) two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen

When salt is dissolved in water, water is the
a) reactant
b) solution
c) solute
d) solvent

A substance with a pH of 6 is called
a) an acid
b) a base
c) both acid and a base
d) neither an acid or a base

The three particles that make up an atom are
a) protons, neutrons, and isotopes
b) neutrons, isotopes and electrons
c) positives, negatives and elctrons
d) protons, neutrons and electrons

The nucleus is makde of
a) protons and electrons
b) elctrons and neutrons
c) protons and neutrons
d) protons, electrons, and neutrons

A covalent bond is formed as the result of
a) transferring electrons
b) sharing electrons
c) transferring protons
d) sharing prontons

A soloution is a(an)
a) breaking of a chemical bond
b) chemical reaction
c) evenly distributed mixture of 2 or more substances
d) combinations of two or more liquids

Suspensions are mixtures
a) of water and nondissolved material
b) in which the components are evenly distributed throughout the solution
c) both a and b
d) neither a or b

Which of the following terms describes a substance formed by the combination of two or more elements in definite proportions?
a) compound
b) isotope
c) nucleus
d) enzyme

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