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This newspaper man was known as the voice of the New South. Who was he?
a) Tom Watson
b) Henry W. Grady
c) Joel Chandler Harris
d) Sidney Lanier

In the lawsuit, Plessy v. Ferguson, Homer Plessy went to court because
a) he started a riot in Atlanta.
b) he promoted the sale of alcohol on Sundays.
c) he refused to pay the carpetbaggers' taxes.
d) he refused to move from a railroad car marked for whites only.

The 1877 Georgia State Constitution was approved during which governor's term of office?
a) Alfred Colquitt
b) Joseph Brown
c) Sonny Perdue
d) John Gordon

Which member of the Bourbon Triumvirate increased state industry in the 1880's?
a) John Gordon
b) Joseph Brown
c) Alfred Colquitt
d) Alonzo Nerndon

Rebecca Latimer Felton helped influence the end of what?
a) Civil War
b) Redemption Era
c) Jim Crow Laws
d) Convict Lease System

One of the largest African-American owned businesses in the United States, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, was started by whom?
a) Homer Plessy
b) Alonzo Herndon
c) Tom Watson
d) Rebecca Felton

Place these Bourbon Triumvirate governors in the order from first to last.
a) Brown, Gordon, Colquitt
b) Gordon, Brown, Colquitt
c) Colquitt, Brown, Gordon
d) Brown, Colquitt, Gordon

The Populist Party supported the rights of the common people. One of its key supporters was
a) Tom Watson
b) Joseph E. Brown
c) Jim Crow
d) Henry W. Grady

Which of the following were NOT part of the Bourbon Triumvirate?
a) Joseph E. Brown
b) John Gordon
c) Henry W. Grady
d) Alfred Colquitt

Who said that black men should cast down their buckets where they are, in his Atlanta Compromise Speech?
a) Booker T. Washington
b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
c) W. E. B. Dubois
d) John Hope

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