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What is the ancient language of India?
a) Moksha
b) Ahimsa
c) Sanskrit
d) Brahman

What is the Indian word for nonviolence?
a) Nirvana
b) Ahimsa
c) Dharma
d) Rig Veda

What is the ideal state of happiness and perfect peace for Buddhists ?
a) Moksha
b) Dharma
c) Karma
d) Nirvana

What are the laws, obligations and duties for Hindus?
a) Dharma
b) Karma
c) Nirvana
d) Ahimsa

What is the belief that how a person’s lives will affect their next life?
a) Brahman
b) Nirvana
c) Moksha
d) Karma

What is the ultimate reality of spirit in Hinduism?
a) Ahimsa
b) Brahman
c) Rig Veda
d) Sanskrit

What is the oldest religious writing, a collection of Hindu prayers and rituals?
a) Nirvana
b) Sanskrit
c) Brahman
d) Rig Veda

What is the release of the soul from the cycle of rebirth for Hindus?
a) Moksha
b) Dharma
c) Karma
d) Nirvana

Who is Mr. Wannamaker's favorite epic hero?
a) Gilgamesh
b) Hercules
c) Sam from Seedfolks
d) Hammurabi

What is the nickname for Team 6A?
a) The Achievers
b) The Advantages
c) The Allergens
d) The Adventurers

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