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Which best describes how the heart and lungs work together?
a) The lungs supply oxygen to the blood, which the heart pumps throughout the body.
b) Movement of the lungs helps the heart to pump blood.
c) The heart supplies oxygen to the blood, which the lungs pump throughtout the body
d) The heart and lungs work together to help digest food.

Antibodies are produced by
a) White blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) neurons
d) alveoli

Which organs make up the circulatory system?
a) brain, spinal cord, and nerves
b) liver, stomach, and esophagus
c) heart, arteries and veins
d) lungs, trachea, and nose

What is the only kind of tissue that can contract and relax?
a) nerve
b) epithelial
c) connective
d) muscle

A group of organs working together is called a
a) tissue
b) organ system
c) organelle
d) cell

What describes a group of cells that work together in an organism?
a) tissue
b) organ system
c) organ
d) organelle

What does the organization of living things from simple to complex look like?
a) cells make up tissues which make up organs which make up organ systems
b) tissues make up organs which make up cells which make up organisms
c) cells make up organs systems which make up tissues which make up organs
d) cells make up organs which make up tissues which make up organ systems

Which of the following is an example of a tissue?
a) the heart
b) cardiac muscle
c) liver
d) the respiratory system

During the process of digewstion, food will pass through all of the organs except the __?_
a) liver
b) small intestine
c) esophagus
d) stomach

Intracellular digestion is digestion inside a cell. Which organelle has this function?
a) chromosomes
b) centrosome
c) lysosome
d) ribosome

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